Kay F, Managing Director @ NGC Ventures, w/ Butian Li & Pang Yao Her

In this article, we are sharing NGC’s latest observations and thoughts around NFT.

Metadata Container for Web 3.0

When discussing NFTs, what exactly are we talking about?

There are a multitude of NFTs, from CryptoPunks to the cute cats of Cryptokitties or the chibis of Axie Infinity. There are also more traditional art projects like those sold by Beeple for a record-breaking $69M USD, or more functional NFTs in the case of Uniswap V3. Let us further delve into the world of NFTs to explore the possibilities they can bring.


Specially thanks for the discussion with my friend Shen Lei (Jackson).


It has been a huge increase in ALPHA token price from the all-time-low, and the author holds ALPHA positions. This article is not for financial advice.


  1. If you think AlphaFinanceLab = Alpha Homora, it would be akin to saying Adobe Photoshop is Adobe. On the surface, Alpha Homora appears to be a leverage farming aggregator, but in essence, it is actually a lending platform that pretends to be a farming aggregator, which has now surpassed Aave V2 on borrowing volume. …


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